Auto Farm Backpacking Script

Blox Fruits is an immensely popular game on the Roblox platform, boasting a vast user base. This action-adventure game revolves around a pirate theme, where players engage in combat against a variety of enemies and challenging bosses. Exploring islands and consuming different fruits are essential for advancing your character’s level.

What is Roblox Script?

Roblox Scripts typically refer to snippets of code that offer automation advantages within the game. Independent developers and scripters create these scripts, which are not officially endorsed by the Roblox platform. Nevertheless, you can still utilize these scripts through Roblox executors such as Arceus X, Hydrogen Executor, JJSploit, Fluxus executor, and others.

How to Use Roblox Script?

    1. Launch Roblox and join your desired game.
    2. Click the “Copy” button to duplicate the script code.
    3. Paste the script code into your preferred Roblox executor.
  1. Execute the script code and savor the enhanced experience.
repeat task.wait() until not not workspace.Scenery.Chests.ChestObjects == true

local ChestObjects = workspace.Scenery.Chests.ChestObjects

local _lt
local _ts = game:GetService('TweenService')
local _lp = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local _hr = (_lp.Character or _lp.CharacterAdded:Wait()):FindFirstChild('HumanoidRootPart')

if not not _hr == false then for _ = 1, 5 do task.wait(1) if _ == 5 and not not _hr == false then return end end end

local function tweenTo(_CFrame, _Duration, _Player)
    _lt = _ts:Create(_Player,, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear), {CFrame = _CFrame})

local _nCF =

local function RUNN3R()
    for _, v in next, ChestObjects:GetDescendants() do
        if v.Name == 'Hitbox' and v.ClassName == 'Part' then
            _hr.CFrame = _nCF(v.CFrame.X, v.CFrame.Y + 80, v.CFrame.Z)
            tweenTo(v.CFrame, 6, _hr)


Remember to employ a dummy account when injecting scripts. We cannot be held responsible for any potential harm caused to your Roblox account.


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